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Origin of the cat breed: Siam (Thailand) Cats Coat: Short and tight coat Color of cat: Body pale milky or beige with mask ears, tail, and feet another color The color is always restricted to points: seal, chocolate, blue or lilac mask, ears, tail and feet. The body is of medium size with a long,… Read More »


Burmese Origin of the cat breed: Burma Cats Coat: Short, fine, glossy coat which lies close to the body Color of cat: Solid sable brown The Burmese is a medium sized cat with a solid short body. Its head is rounded with the muzzle broad and short. The eyes have a rounded, oriental appearance. The… Read More »


Origin of the cat breed: Egypt Cats Coat: Short hair with soft, silky and dense texture; comb daily Color of cat: Ruddy (orange-brown), red and blue which is a soft blue-gray The Abyssinian is a medium size cat with a wedge-shaped head. The eyes are large almond shaped with the ears large. The tail is… Read More »