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Albendazole (Albenza, Valbazen)

Antiparasitic Highlights Of Prescribing Information • Broad spectrum against a variety of nematodes, cestodes & protozoa; labeled for cattle & sheep (suspension only) • Contraindicated with hepatic failure, pregnancy, lactating dairy cattle • May cause GI effects (including hepatic dysfunction) & rarely blood dyscrasias (aplastic anemia) • Do not use in pigeons, doves or crias… Read More »

Parasites of the Liver

Trematodes FASCIOLA HEPATICA • Worldwide distribution in ruminants, pigs, and horses; occasionally in humans; distribution in North America centers on the Gulf Coast/southeastern states, Pacific Northwest (including Montana), and eastern Canada; highly significant to veterinary medicine; low significance to public health. • Common name: liver fluke. Life Cycle • Indirect. • Intermediate host: lymnaeid snails;… Read More »

Roundworms in Cattle, Sheep and Goats

1. Oesophagus and stomach Gongylonema. Two species occur in ruminants and 1 in pigs. They are found just below the epithelium in the thoracic third of the oesophagus. The intermediate hosts are various species of dung-beetles. Haemonchus contortus. This is the large stomach worm or ‘barber’s pole’ worm of ruminants, so-called because of the female’s… Read More »


Cause of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) may be defined using clinical, histologic, immunologic, pathophysiologic, and genetic criteria. Clinical criteria Inflammatory bowel disease has been defined clinically as a spectrum of gastrointestinal disorders of an unknown cause that is associated with chronic inflammation of the stomach, intestine, or colon. A clinical diagnosis of… Read More »


Coccidia Isospora spp. hospora spp. are the most common coccidial parasites of dogs (Isospora canis, Isospora ohioensis) and cats (Isospora felis, Isospora rivolta). Transmission occurs by ingestion of ova or paratenic hosts. Sporozoites are liberated in the small intestine and enter cells to begin development. The prepatent period ranges from 4 to 11 days, depending… Read More »