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Amikacin Sulfate (Amikin, Amiglyde-V)

Aminoglycoside Antibiotic Highlights Of Prescribing Information • Parenteral aminoglycoside antibiotic that has good activity against a variety of bacteria, predominantly gram-negative aerobic bacilli • Adverse Effects: Nephrotoxicity, ototoxicity, neuromuscu-lar blockade • Cats may be more sensitive to toxic effects • Risk factors for toxicity: Preexisting renal disease, age (both neonatal & geriatric), fever, sepsis &… Read More »

Perineal Hernia

Perineal hernias have been clinically recognized in the dog for more than 100 years and are most common in older, intact male dogs. They are rarely seen in cats or female dogs. Four types of perineal hernias have been described, but the most common type is the caudoventral perineal hernia, which occurs between the levator… Read More »


The cephalosporins comprise a large group of antibacterials containing the beta-lactam ring. They are closely related to the penicillins. Like the penicillins they are bactericidal (operating time-dependent killing), are relatively non-toxic (although less so than the penicillins), and less likely to cause allergic reactions. Cephalosporins are suitable for use in rabbits and rodents. It is… Read More »