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Bacterial endocarditis

Bacterial endocarditis is an acute or, more commonly, a subacute condition characterized by the formation of septic vegetative thrombi on the valves and / or mural endocardium. Thrombus formation most frequently involves the mitral or aortic valves and the highest incidence occurs in large breed, male dogs older than four years of age. The German… Read More »

Treatment of Pastern Dermatitis

The appropriate therapy obviously involves identification of the predisposing, perpetuating, and primary factors. In general, avoiding pastures/paddocks with mud, water, or sand may minimize predisposing factors. Keeping patients stalled during wet weather and until morning dew has dried is often rewarding. Use of alternate sources of bedding may be beneficial because the chemicals in treated… Read More »


The cephalosporins comprise a large group of antibacterials containing the beta-lactam ring. They are closely related to the penicillins. Like the penicillins they are bactericidal (operating time-dependent killing), are relatively non-toxic (although less so than the penicillins), and less likely to cause allergic reactions. Cephalosporins are suitable for use in rabbits and rodents. It is… Read More »