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Treatment of RFM

Although many mares with RFM do not become clinically ill, early prophylactic intervention is widely practiced because the complications associated with RFM may be severe and potentially life threatening. Many farm managers and horse owners with a veterinary client-patient relationship may be instructed to begin intramuscular (IM) injections of oxytocin 2 to 4 hours postpartum… Read More »

Normal Peripartum Procedures

The expected foaling date should be calculated as 11 months and 5 days. At approximately 30 days before foaling, booster vaccines should be given and the mare should be dewormed. If fescue toxicosis is problematic in the area, foaling mares should not be allowed to graze fescue pasture and should not be fed hay-containing fescue… Read More »


Constipation; Cause The etiopathogenesis of idiopathic megacolon is still incompletely understood. Several reviews have emphasized the importance of considering an extensive list of differential diagnoses (e. g., neuromuscular, mechanical, inflammatory, metabolic and endocrine, pharmacologic, environmental, and behavioral causes) for the obstipated cat (Box Differential Diagnosis of Constipation in the Cat). A review of published cases… Read More »