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Stallion Behavior Problems

This post briefly outlines several of the most common behavior problems of breeding stallions. These problems include self-mutilation, inadequate libido, rowdy breeding behavior, specific erection dysfunction, mounting and thrusting difficulties, frenzied hyperactive behavior, and specific ejaculation dysfunction. Also briefly outlined is the common problem of residual stallionlike behavior in geldings. Inadequate Libido Specific stallion libido… Read More »

Management Of Breeding-Related Problems Using Semen Collection And Artificial Insemination

A number of medical conditions that are associated with infertility can be diagnosed, treated, and managed using semen collection and AI. Hemospermia The condition known as hemospermia refers to the presence of red blood cells in the ejaculate of a stallion. The presence of blood may be noted during dismount after natural service. However, the… Read More »