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Mites and Ticks

Mange (Mite Infestation) Ticks Horses are exposed to a number of species of ticks, according to the geographic area (). The importance of ixodid (“hard”) ticks is mainly due to the transmission of infectious diseases like babesiosis or ehrlichiosis. However, a direct effect can be observed due to the skin damage, mechanical irritation, and pain… Read More »


(Arachnida) Mites can be divided into two major groups: sarcoptiform and nonsarcoptiform mites. The sarcoptiform mites can be subdivided into those that burrow or tunnel within the epidermis and those that do not. Sarcoptiform mites are distinguished from nonsarcoptiform mites by possessing a round to oval-shaped body. The legs of sarcoptiform mites also have pedicels… Read More »