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Aluminum Hydroxide (Amphogel)

Oral Antacid / Phosphate Binder Highlights Of Prescribing Information • Used to treat hyperphosphatemia in small animal patients & sometimes as a gastric antacid for ulcers • Chronic use may lead to electrolyte abnormalities; possible aluminum toxicity • Many potential drug interactions • Availability has been an issue What Is Aluminum Hydroxide Used For? Orally… Read More »


Constipation; Cause The etiopathogenesis of idiopathic megacolon is still incompletely understood. Several reviews have emphasized the importance of considering an extensive list of differential diagnoses (e. g., neuromuscular, mechanical, inflammatory, metabolic and endocrine, pharmacologic, environmental, and behavioral causes) for the obstipated cat (Box Differential Diagnosis of Constipation in the Cat). A review of published cases… Read More »