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Cytology Collection Techniques

(See also site for additional information on slide preparation of samples to be submitted for cytopathologic examination.) Cytopathology involves a simple, direct, and inexpensive technique that can yield significant diagnostic information within a short time at minimal direct cost. Cytologic examination can be made of material obtained from pustules, vesicles, or the raw, ulcerated, or… Read More »

Acetylcysteine (N-acetylcysteine, Mucomyst, NAC)

Antidote; Mucolytic Highlights Of Prescribing Information • Used primarily as a treatment for acetaminophen or phenol toxicity & for its mucolytic effect; used anecdotally for treating degenerative myelopathy • Also used as a topical ophthalmic () • Has caused hypersensitivity & bronchospasm when used in pulmonary tree • Administer via gastric- or duodenal tube for… Read More »

Hemolytic Anemia

Hemolytic anemia is a pathologic condition that results from accelerated erythrocyte removal and can be intravascular and extravascular. Intravascular hemolysis occurs when erythrocytes are destroyed within the vascular space. Clinical signs associated with intravascular hemolysis are typically acute in onset and classically include icterus and red- to port-wine-colored urine. Extravascular hemolysis results from accelerated erythrocyte… Read More »

Diagnosis Of Anemia

Diagnosis Of Anemia: General The diagnosis of anemia is confirmed by the laboratory demonstration of reductions in the packed cell volume (PCV), hematocrit (HCT), hemoglobin concentration, and red blood cell count. A reduction in these indices that is not associated with clinical signs warrants reassessment. Several conditions may complicate accurate determination of the red cell… Read More »


Dermatophilosis or “rain scald” has a worldwide distribution, although the prevalence of the disease varies with geographic location. It is a moist, exudative dermatitis caused by the actinomycete Dermatophilus congolensis. D. congolensis is a gram-positive, non-acid fast, branching, filamentous bacterium that can cause a superficial bacterial dermatitis in a variety of species in addition to… Read More »