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Diseases of the Ear: General Principles Of Management

The therapeutic plan for otitis externa requires identification of the primary disease process and perpetuating factors. Ideally management is aimed at thoroughly cleaning and drying the ear canal, removing or managing the primary factors, controlling perpetuating factors, administering appropriate topical or systemic therapy (or both), and evaluating response to therapy. Ear Cleaning Ear cleaning serves… Read More »

Therapy For Specific Diseases Of The External Ear Canal

Ectoparasites Thorough cleaning of the external ear canal, treatment of all household pets, and whole-body therapy should be considered in the treatment regimen for ear mites. Pets with no clinical signs may be asymptomatic carriers and a reservoir for reinfestation. Otic parasiticides such as pyrethrins, rotenone, amitraz, and carbaryl must be administered every 24 hours… Read More »

Sulphonamides and potentiated sulphonamides

Sulphonamides The sulphonamides form an extensive series of drugs that differ more in their physicochemical characteristics, and hence in mode of administration and pharmacokinetics, than they do in their antibacterial activity. They act by competing with tissue factors, notably p-aminobenzoic acid, and are therefore inactive in the presence of necrotic tissue. They are bacteriostatic to… Read More »