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The methods for measuring blood pressure and reported normal blood pressure measurements in small animals are extremely variable. Blood pressure should be measured with the animal unsedated, relaxed and minimally restrained. Heart rate should be within normal resting limits (an increased heart rate tends to increase the diastolic blood pressure measurement). Direct measurements can be… Read More »

Balanced vasodilators

Sodium nitroprusside Sodium nitroprusside is a potent arteriolar and venodilator drug with a similar mechanism of action to the organic nitrates, h has a very short duration of action and is administered by continuous intravenous infusion starting at an initial infusion rate of 1-5 μg kg-1 min-1. It reduces pulmonary and systemic vascular resistance decreasing… Read More »

Progression Of Heart Failure

Traditionally heart failure has been perceived as a hemodynamic disorder that promotes weakness, the development of debilitating congestive signs, deterioration of cardiac function, and ultimately death. Although the initial cardiac insult varies, it was historically rationalized that ventricular remodeling and disease progression occur as consequences of the compensatory mechanisms that promote vasoconstriction and fluid retention.… Read More »

Management of Refractory Congestive Heart Failure

Over rime, many patients become refractory to standard medical therapy as disease progression continues or if a concurrent systemic disease process develops that exerts detrimental effects on the cardiovascular system (e.g., hyperadrenocorticism, hypothyroidism, renal failure, systemic Hypertension, neoplasia, anemia, pneumonia, or pulmonary thromboembolism). Infrequent causes of an acute bout of decompensation include the development of… Read More »

Diazoxide, Oral

Chemistry Related structurally to the thiazide diuretics, diazoxide occurs as an odorless, white to creamy-white, crystalline powder with a melting point of about 330°. It is practically insoluble to sparingly soluble in water and slightly soluble in alcohol. Storage – Stability – Compatibility Diazoxide capsules and oral suspensions should be stored at 2-30°C and protected… Read More »