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Maternal And Foal Behavior And Problems

Normal Maternal-Foal Behavior Key aspects of normal equine maternal behavior include (1) attending to the foal within seconds after delivery, including nuzzling, licking, and vocalization, (2) avoiding walking or lying on the neonate, (3) allowing and facilitating nursing of own, but not other foals, and (4) protecting the neonate from intruders by positioning herself between… Read More »


Pharmacology Animal Studies In animals, amantadine hydrochloride caused several pharmacologic effects at relatively high doses. Signs of motor activity stimulation (increased spontaneous motor activity and antagonism of tetrabenazine- induced sedation) occurred in mice at oral doses of 35-40 mg/kg and above. A transient vasodepressor effect, cardiac arrhythmias and a weak ganglionic-blocking effect in dogs were… Read More »


Chemistry Cythioate is an oral organophosphate agent. Storage – Stability – Compatibility Unless otherwise noted by the manufacturer store products in tight, light resistant containers at room temperature. Pharmacology After being distributed into body fluids, cythioate is ingested by fleas, ticks and demodectic mites. It then inhibits acetylcholinesterase thereby interfering with neuromuscular transmission. Uses –… Read More »