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Aminophylline Theophylline

Phosphodiesterase Inhibitor Bronchodilator Highlights Of Prescribing Information • Bronchodilator drug with diuretic activity; used for bronchospasm & cardiogenic pulmonary edema • Narrow therapeutic index in humans, but dogs appear to be less susceptible to toxic effects at higher plasma levels • Therapeutic drug monitoring recommended • Many drug interactions What Is Aminophylline Theophylline Used For?… Read More »

Antifungal drugs

Treatment of fungal infections may include either systemic or topical medication. Topical antifungal drugs are used for the treatment of fungal infections of the skin, ear, and eye. Systemic antifungal drugs are discussed below. Discussion of dermatophytosis (ringworm) and topical treatment is included in site. Griseofulvin is the main systemic medication used although ketoconazole or… Read More »

Codeine Phosphate

Chemistry A phenanthrene-derivative opiate agonist, codeine is available as the base and three separate salts. Codeine base is slightly soluble in water and freely soluble in alcohol. Codeine phosphate occurs as fine, white, needle-like crystals or white, crystalline powder. It is freely soluble in water. Codeine sulfate’s appearance is similar to codeine phosphate, but it… Read More »


This has been recorded in very many species of animals, including man, dogs, pigs, birds and reptiles. The lesions produced bear a considerable resemblance to those of actinobacillosis (see above), and are often indistinguishable from them, but typically actinomycosis affects the cheeks, pharynx and especially the bone of the jaws (it is known as ‘lumpy… Read More »


Actinobacillosis is a disease of cattle similar in some respects to ACTINOMYCOSIS, and sometimes mistaken for it. Generally only 1 or 2 animals in a herd are affected at one time. Swellings may be seen on lips, cheeks, jaw, and at the base of the horn. Pneumonia, infection of the liver or alimentary canal may… Read More »