Origin of the dog breed: England

Size of dog: 18 to 22 inches variable

Dogs coat: Fine, short hair

Color of dog: A variety of colors

A sight hound developed in England, the Whippet was used to course rabbits in the countryside. The modern Whippet is a popular breed used in the show ring. Its size and nature makes it a good companion for both children and adults. Although gentle and loving, it makes a good watch dog. It does need daily exercise.

This dog breed is prone to: Partial hair loss

Dog Breed Predisposition to Conditions, Diseases and Disorders

Dermatological conditions

Pinnal alopecia

• Age of onset: usually > 1 year

Congenital hypotrichosis

• Present at birth or develops in the first month of life

• Predisposition for males

Pattern baldness

• Affects almost exclusively females

• Ventral neck and ventrum affected

Colour-dilution alopecia

• Coat-colour genes involved in the pathogenesis

Canine solar dermatitis

• Sunnier climates predispose

Idiopathic onychomadesis Skin tumours

• See under Neoplastic conditions

Drug reactions


• This breed has a greatly increased susceptibility to thiopentone

• Use of this drug is not recommended in this breed

Musculoskeletal conditions

Accessory carpal bone fracture

• Sprain/avulsion-type fractures due to carpal hyperextension during exercise

Neoplastic conditions

Cutaneous haemangioma

• Reported breed predisposition

• Average age was 8.7 years in one study

Ocular conditions

Corneal dystrophy

• Breed predisposition

• Stromal lipid dystrophy

• Age of onset: 3-5 years


• Inheritance suspected

• Several types

Lens luxation

• Possible breed predisposition

• Age of onset: 8 years

Vitreal syneresis

• Breed predisposition

• Age of onset: 6 years

Generalised progressive retinal atrophy

• Mode of inheritance not known but presumed recessive

• Clinical onset at 5 years


• Congenital condition, familial in this breed

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